Our Latest WSET Level 3 Course Begins!

Session one of the WSET Level 3 course kicked off on a cold January evening in South London last week, with Melanie welcoming our group and going through the course programme. Our journey will see us taste 60 – 70 wines and learn about the factors that influence style, quality and price, with visits to some of the world’s major wine-growing regions along the way.

At Level 3, students learn how to taste wine and assess it using the WSET’s standardised technique. This means that we’ll be able to take a few sips of any glass of wine and give a precise description of how it tastes, an explanation of why it tastes the way it does, as well as a reasoned – and objective – evaluation of its quality. A step up from the Level 2 course is that we’ll also learn to determine whether a wine is ready for drinking and/or has potential for ageing, another vital skill for anyone investing money or anticipation in a cellar full of wine!

Exciting as this prospect is, on day one it certainly feels as if we’ve got a long way to go to reach our destination… “time to get drinking”, you might think. But our teacher Melanie is no walkover, and before a drop passes our lips, we need our ‘phrasebook’ – the vocabulary defined by the WSET to describe a wine’s appearance, nose and palate. This is what we’ll use each time we taste a wine and so it’s vital we become comfortable using the terms on the (helpfully laminated) tasting card we’ve been given.   

Finally, we hear that long-awaited ‘phut’ of a cork being removed from a bottle and we’re on our way… with Melanie’s guidance, a taste of four wines shows us how we can apply the technique and reach an assessment. We certainly need her to hold our hand for the moment, but we’ve taken our first steps and will be back for more next week…