Our Austrian wines from Weingut Sonnenmulde vineyard have landed!

That's right, if you haven't noticed already they are on our shelves in Brixton Village and Vining Street. Last year's vintage was really well received by customers, with many people being introduced to Austrian wines for the first time. Now these wines already have a following with our regulars at The Wine Parlour.

Sonnenmulde make delicious, organic and vegan wines so whether you recognise the "Big S" label or not, please ask to try these wines when you next visit.

Every harvest is different, and after a barrel tasting with our team, we chose the following wines to import directly from the Sonnenmulde vineyard. The quotes are written by the family who make the wine and run the vineyard, tasting notes by Chix!

Grüner Veltliner“Green and agile like the tree frog”
Bursts with floral notes and hints of pepper and herbs

St Laurent“Hidden but lively like the ground squirrel”
Earthy and herbaceous with dark forest fruit flavours. Soft!

Blauer Zweigelt“Remarkable yet typical for the region, like the Northern Lapwing”.
Concentrated rich flavours of dark cherries and plums. A delicious long finish

Capella“A star in the night and mysterious like the Long Eared Owl”
A premium Zweigelt made from hand selected grapes, full bodied, ripe and smoky

Canopus“Big and majestic like the roe deer”
Flavours of plum, cherry, blackcurrant and vanilla, with 12 months in barrique