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The Wine List Uncovered - Join our wine tasting course on Saturday 19th at 2pm!

On Saturday 19th September we are holding our first "The Wine List Uncovered" wine tasting here in the Tasting Room at The Wine Parlour.

We are often asked about pairing wines with food, or which wine to try next if you have something you already enjoy.  We have developed this wine course / wine tasting to give people more confidence the next time they visit a restaurant and peruse the wine list.

Chix explains "Finding a new wine or enjoying something different which has been inspired by an old favourite are great ways to explore wine.  Our customers often say that in a restaurant however, they feel slightly nervous about taking the plunge and trying something new.  We have developed this wine tasting to specifically address these concerns.  The course will show people how to have a discussion with the wine waiter or sommelier, and how to recognise something that will be exciting to you on the wine menu."  

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