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Sherry Tasting At The Wine Parlour

Lovely Sherry Tasting evening in The Wine Parlour on Thursday evening.

Sherry really is a fascinating subject and people love rediscovering it during our Sherry Tastings.  We take you right the way through the full range of Sherry's from dry to sweet including Fino en Rama, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez.  We explain the key differences between the two different types of Sherry  - Fino & Oloroso.  One of the things we love about Sherry is it's history and part of the evening is spent sharing the wonderful story of sherry with people.  Visit the wine courses page to find out more about this tasting.

Sherry Wine Flight - £5.00

Through out September of flight of the month is Sherry!

Taste, drink and discover your way through three stunning Sherries from Jerez, the home of Sherry in Spain.  

Sherry1           Manzanilla, light and dry

Profile :           Dry and slightly nutty

Pair with :       Almonds, olives and seafood

Sherry 2          Amontillado, medium body and dry

Profile :           Hazelnuts and slightly salty

Pair with :       White meat, oily fish and mature cheese

Sherry 3          Pedro Ximenez, intense and sweet

Profile :           Dates, figs

Our Sherry Wine Flight makes the perfect introduction to our Sherry Tasting Course here in London.  Speak to one of our team, or click on the link for more information. 

Sherry Tasting

Last month saw our first ever Sherry Tasting evening.

We love sherry, its diversity, its heritage, and the great combinations you can get with food. During the evening, people get to understand more about the history of Sherry, where and how different Sherry's are made, along with some tips to help you find your perfect Sherry. The atmosphere was terrific - everyone had fun, people learnt something new, and some new friendships were made!

We have more sherry tasting evenings planned.  Take a look at some of the up coming dates by clicking here, or ask one of our team for more information.