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Our story

What makes a great wine great? The tiniest of details can mean all the difference and at The Wine Parlour, we aim to look after those finer points and provide the perfect space for you to enjoy and develop a passion for wines.

Our proprietor, Chix - having discovered an interest in the grape - began her business partnership back in 2009 and today that enthusiasm has only grown and resonates at The Wine Parlour.

Six years since they started out and they have created a place that captures the community spirit of Brixton whilst offering a space where people can not only come and enjoy a wonderful variety of wines, but also interact with others who share that enthusiasm. The wine tastings and the new range of educational courses are testimony to Chix’s desire to make The Wine Parlour so much more than just a fantastic bar.

Local and accessible, The Wine Parlour is both passionate and informal, serious about wine but friendly and fun with it. We can’t wait to meet you….