Watch Melanie explain the main differences and benefits of our       WSET Level 3 qualification compared to WSET Level 2.

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Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Award in Wines - 6 days or 14 evenings

The Wine Parlour, Brixton

The WSET Level 3 qualification is open to students who hold the WSET Level 2 Award or can demonstrate the equivalent level of knowledge.  It is also prerequisite for candidates planning to study for the WSET Level 4 Diploma.

This course is intended to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide range of wines. It focuses on factors that influence the style, quality and price of wines from major wine regions of the world. The Wine Parlour's WSET Level 3 courses in London are supported by an online classroom for the duration of the course. You will taste 60 to 70 wines and develop analytical tasting skills to a high level of competency using our systematic approach to tasting.

"Fantastic teaching from Melanie. Really enjoyable course and the relaxed atmosphere versus previous experience of classroom teaching was much preferred." (WSET Student)

"I loved the fact that it was a small group. Mel was an excellent tutor and very engaging." (WSET Student)

The course fee covers:-

  • Tasting of between 60 and 70 wines over the course
  • WSET study pack
  • Examination fees
  • Course led by a WSET qualified tutor
  • Internationally recognised WSET qualification certificate

The award also requires approximately 55 hours of private study which you will be advised by your tutor. Some of this may be done before the start of the course. 

The WSET Level 3 Award examination comprises of two parts. A a combined theory paper consisting of a 50 question multiple-choice section and a five question short answer written section; and a blind tasting of two wines. A mark of 55% is required in all sections to pass with the exam taking place in the last session of each course

For more information click here to read the WSET's pdf brochure or talk to us by popping into The Wine Parlour, by email, or by telephone on 0203 302 1617. 

Courses cost £690 and are run either over 6 days or 14 evenings at The Wine Parlour, Brixton.

A deposit and pay by installment plan is also available, please contact us to discuss this. Terms and conditions apply to bookings.

Is WSET Level 3 The Right Course For Me?

The WSET Level 3 courses in London by The Wine Parlour is ideal for students who are serious about learning wine and intended to provide in-depth knowledge about the world of wine.

Ideal for those wishing to become a sommelier or establish a professional career in the wine industry, the Level 3 course is designed to bring you one step closer to your goals. 

  • Understand exactly how wine is made all the way from harvest to bottle
  • Comprehensively assess a wines quality – how to tell if a wine is corked, oxidised, suffering from bottle shock and more
  • Evaluate the techniques used to make a wine, and how they have affected the end result, positively or negatively.  
  • Understand more about vintages and harvests and how these can affect the price of wine. 
  • Knowing how to read wine labels from different countries and understand known classification systems around the world
  • Not falling prey to marketing jargon by manufacturers who tend to exploit non-standardisation of wine labels and regulations across the different countries

The Wine Parlour’s Level 3 WSET Wine training course in London is costs £690.00 and is available to take either over 6 days or 14 evenings.